The Mace & dealing with creative blocks

Ceremonial Mace for the Mayor of Eastleigh
Ceremonial Mace for the Mayor of Eastleigh

‘If I end up failing, only I need to know about it; my studio is a safe place for experimentation and failure.’

Wow, it’s been a time. Where do I begin ….

I’m happy to announce the Mace for the Mayor of Eastleigh is now fully complete and currently residing in the Eastleigh Borough Council offices. This has been the biggest project I have worked on to date and have felt very humbled to be part of the whole process; from the various meetings about initial ideas, to the making, building and finally presenting to the Mayor on 14th May this year. I have had press coverage and some beautiful photographs taken of the Mace and also of my other work, I will link them to this Blog post.

As I believe I mentioned in my last post I have my eye on the horizon, and not wanting to wish away day to day but I am actually planning a trip of a lifetime. It will begin at the start of 2016 and is involving me giving up many things including my job. It’s a strange time, I am very excited and overwhelmed by what I am embarking on as it will be more than just a few weeks away. It is a personal journey- I will have chance to visit places I’ve only dreamt of, including beautiful New Zealand. My artistic inspiration will no doubt be on overdrive and I intend to create work whilst I am away, at a different pace, in a different medium, it will be an interesting development.

The best inspiration comes from doing-being inspired by process-creating an organic, cyclical energy/inspiration supply.

A visit to Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford last month really sparked something off inside, it all started to have a bit of clarity, senses on overdrive and the realisation that when I see amazing truly inspiring things, it makes me feel inspired to revisit my own art and try harder.

As I start to clear my mind, wrap up loose ends and plan my journey I am at stage where I am creating new work daily, all along a very personal theme- something I haven’t invested enough time in before. I’m not sure of any outcomes as yet- but this really doesn’t matter, I just know I need to work hard. I guess you could call it a ‘creative block’ like I think every artist has, but I have realised I actually learn a lot about what I want from my unsuccessful work. I’m trying to remain open to taking risks now because this just may lead to something amazing!

I’ll post some of my new ideas in the couple of weeks, until then enjoy the summer/winter depending on what side of the world you’re currently on 😉

‘I am always beating myself up about not doing enough, or not doing better. I think when you put so much of yourself and your time into something, it’s hard to separate it from who you are.’

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