Up, up & away

P1050294My journey began at Heathrow on the 5th January 2016, I spent two days flying to Thailand with a connection at Dubai (several time zones, episodes of The Office and awkward sleeping positions later). I arrived Bangkok Cha Da hotel around 8pm on the 6th. First impressions of Bangkok were HEAT! crazy drivers, and the impressive scale and assault on the senses. When I arrived at the hotel all was happy, fine and lovely, then massively shivery, nauseous, emotional and restless. Jetlagged in a nutshell. I had an early wake up this morning and thankfully getting up and about was enough to make myself feel massively better.

I was met but a lovely tour guide called Mac (I called him Donald) for an introduction to Bangkok tour. Firstly we took a taxi ride to Wat Phra Kaew then on to Royal Grand Palace Grand Palace. This really was a delight, over 100 brightly coloured buildings, gold spires and glittering mosaics, that all date back to the foundation of Bangkok in 1782. Mac was very good at taking many, many awkward sweaty pictures of me, which I wasn’t really expecting, but it makes sense to personalise the memories. (I didn’t really call him Donald).

P1050245   P1050265  P1050238

We then hopped on a tuk-tuk to visit Wat Pho with its huge reclining Buddha. Wat Pho is regarded as the first centre of public education and is sometimes called ‘Thailand’s first university’. Mural paintings, inscriptions and statues found in the temple educated people on various subjects such as literature, warfare, archaeology, astronomy, geology, and meditation.


There is a great boat network in Bangkok and we took a crossing on a passenger boat to Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn) which is decorated in old crockery no less!

I then went off for the rest of the day to explore on my own, even though we had packed a great deal in already there was still so much more to see. I took a walk to the Khao San road, famous for its backpacker culture and is a lively hub of food, drink, art, music and all kinds of things for sale (I resisted the sheep’s intestine dish). If you’ve read or watched The Beach then you know where I’m talking about – it’s a must see. After wandering for a few hours, sweating a few more pints of water, buying Chiang Beer tees, I took a boat from Phra Arthit>Tha Sathon. I then took the Skytrain which is beautifully cool whilst sipping on a mango tea fruit drink with coconut jelly cubes in. Random Thai Yum. Lastly I caught the metro home to the hotel.



I leave early for a flight to Chiang Mai tomorrow morning so I really wanted to experience as much as I could in Bangkok, I think I succeeded>>>Goodnight!


Soundtrack: Aphex Twin – Thal

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