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☆ ☆ Happy New Year ☆ ☆

Welcome 2015

I have managed to have a lovely break and had time to spend time with loved ones and reflect on 2014 with thoughts and hopes for the new year ahead. It’s been a successful year for me creatively and I have felt my work shift into new areas and have gained a bit more insight into the work that I really want to produce. I have continued to make individual glass works with microscope slides, each gaining their own identity and story through the images and various ephemera used. I have used the same techniques to create two delicate reflective chandeliers both holding 50+ slides each, in time to exhibit for Winter Open Studios 2014.There has been positive feedback and it has reaffirmed my interest to work on a larger scale, creating atmospheric installations.

In late summer 2014 I was chosen to design an important commission for Eastleigh Borough Council, a piece that will really challenge me technically as I start work on it this coming week. I am so excited and privileged to be collaborating with Prysmian Cables and Systems Ltd (was Pirelli) based in Eastleigh, on something that will go down in history. I can’t be too specific about what it is we are producing at the moment, but I will regularly blog my progress and snapshots of the glass Gold Leaf Gilded panels I will be producing for the piece.

I am planning pretty big changes with regards to personal circumstance towards the end of the year so I am in an optimistic mindset and will be deeply focussing on a few bigger commissions as opposed to smaller works in the next coming months…

I would like to thank everyone for their support in 2014.

So Happy New Year! Plans for new things, new directions & lots of changes in 2015. Some big & some small. Exciting times ahead!

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Contemporary Makers Fair & Winter Open Studios

Contemporary Makers Fair
Contemporary Makers Fair
The Sorting Office Winter Open Studios
The Sorting Office Winter Open Studios

It’s November! And I’m sat at the studio on a cold and dark windy evening, listening to Philip Glass – Glassworks (how very apt you may think!) I have discovered his music within the last year, and as it turns out it is incredibly good to work to. I will be seeing him perform with his ensemble this week, which will no doubt be very inspiring and provide a bit of a breather at what seems to be an endlessly busy few weeks.

I am furiously getting ready for 2 important exhibitions in the next two weeks. The first is the Contemporary Makers Fair at Aspex Gallery in Portsmouth this weekend 15-16th November. It is such a beautiful gallery, so I jump at any chance to exhibit and sell my work there. I have moved on from last year’s festive slides and started creating chandelier installations and mobiles. Lighting has always been an area I’ve wanted to embrace and there is nothing more tempting to me than a beautifully lit room or a spotlight on a relic at a museum, it seems to engage the senses and create a special focus. Lighting is playing a key role in a community project I’m also working on called Illumination- more of this to follow towards the end of the year.

I have been playing with laser cuts and creating mirrored filigree decorations, which have similar properties to glass, in that they are delicate and reflective. So far I’ve had a good response from these and they will be for sale at the shows.

The second show is our annual Winter Open Studios event at The Sorting Office in Eastleigh- selling directly from where I work on 22nd November. This is always completely buzzing and a very productive time for me (possibly the tidiest my studio ever looks?!) We are having a VIP night on the Friday which is exciting/daunting as we will meet buyers, gallery owners etc, who knows what will come of these exciting times!

Back to work 🙂

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My First Blog post! – Metiers d’Art de Lens


So it’s my first ever blog post, I’ve managed to keep finding ways of putting it off! It may look a bit shabby but bear with me, I hope to keep this up!


I’m currently writing this on my first ever Eurostar experience (well it’s in scribbly note form in my sketchbook anyway).

En route to Lens

It’s all very exciting really as I’m off to Lens, France for ‘Salon International Des Metiers d’Art de Lens‘ where I will be exhibiting my work alongside 3 other ***Sorting Office residents and numerous French artists. ***The Sorting Office is a shared artist studio for 16 residents located in Eastleigh. It is actually the old Sorting Office that has been completely refurbished and has been up and running for just over a year. It is is funded by the Arts Council and RecreateEU and provides us with our own business manager and great opportunities such as this current trip abroad.

I am involved with a few ongoing art projects as well as working on day to day commissions in the studio. I will endeavour to write about these in other blog posts.

Day 2 in Lens

It’s day 2 of the Lens market and it has been an enjoyable if exhausting experience so far. It has made me realise that selling my artwork is about sharing ideas, technique and personality, all of which is tricky with a language barrier (!) I have engaged customers and made sales but it definitely feels like something is missing…

All in all a mixed experience, I am thoroughly inspired for my next selling event, I always find art markets very beneficial with regards to developing my own work, where to go next, how I want my work to be presented, and I can see and feel ‘improvement’ after each one, so they become much more than just a selling event.

▲Here’s to the next one!▲