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☆ ☆ Happy New Year ☆ ☆

Welcome 2015

I have managed to have a lovely break and had time to spend time with loved ones and reflect on 2014 with thoughts and hopes for the new year ahead. It’s been a successful year for me creatively and I have felt my work shift into new areas and have gained a bit more insight into the work that I really want to produce. I have continued to make individual glass works with microscope slides, each gaining their own identity and story through the images and various ephemera used. I have used the same techniques to create two delicate reflective chandeliers both holding 50+ slides each, in time to exhibit for Winter Open Studios 2014.There has been positive feedback and it has reaffirmed my interest to work on a larger scale, creating atmospheric installations.

In late summer 2014 I was chosen to design an important commission for Eastleigh Borough Council, a piece that will really challenge me technically as I start work on it this coming week. I am so excited and privileged to be collaborating with Prysmian Cables and Systems Ltd (was Pirelli) based in Eastleigh, on something that will go down in history. I can’t be too specific about what it is we are producing at the moment, but I will regularly blog my progress and snapshots of the glass Gold Leaf Gilded panels I will be producing for the piece.

I am planning pretty big changes with regards to personal circumstance towards the end of the year so I am in an optimistic mindset and will be deeply focussing on a few bigger commissions as opposed to smaller works in the next coming months…

I would like to thank everyone for their support in 2014.

So Happy New Year! Plans for new things, new directions & lots of changes in 2015. Some big & some small. Exciting times ahead!