Home is now behind you, the world is ahead!

Things are moving forward >>>at double speed it would seem. I find myself in a state of clearing. My workspace, my home space and the end of this month my studio space. As I try and find room for collected STUFF over the years. I’m pretty good really, considering, I try to keep everything that has some importance, whether it’s a gift or a memory. I don’t have the space or the time for the other things.

Really exciting times ahead 3 confirmed New Zealand artist residencies for 2016. What a complete buzz, I want to go NOW and start creating! It is shaping up to be the trip of a lifetime, balancing sun and paradise in Thailand for a long break then on to concentrate on New Zealand on the beautifully mystical landscape that has lured me so for years. I think I will feel at home in New Zealand.

This week a close friend from years back contacted me – he is moving to New Zealand in the next month, I’m so excited to meet up with him in a new setting. He is convinced it’s home from home and he comes from Whitstable in Kent. It may be that I don’t meet people I have been contacting, but it fills me with excitement at the opportunity, particularly those that I have not met before but that have been so helpful with planning and advice for my trip.

I feel ready, I am mentally separated from my work at the school and my eye is very much on the horizon and as the studio prepares for Winter Open Studios I am clearing out 2 years of accumulated media, I’ve sadly had to get rid of many things, but some things have found new homes and I welcome change. The community of artists at the studio has been amazing and everyone has grown in confidence and produced some really incredible work. I feel totally humbled to have been part of the studios and I’ve met some great friends.

So as I meet and interact new faces at the open studios, I will also be saying goodbye to my space and group of friends I’ve spent 2 years with on another kind of journey.

After this month has gone it will be time for family and friends, and enjoying their company as much as I possibly can (whether they like it or not!)

Anyway come and say hi, I’ll be at the studio on 21st November 11-5pm 🙂

The Sorting Office Winter Open Studios 2015

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